Terms and conditions

Goods purchasement terms:

  1. Basic provisions

1.1. Goods in avedus e-shop can be purchased online without a login.

1.2. There may be separate conditions for each purchase.

  1. Payment

2.2 Payment in the e-shop can be made using the PaySera system, the currency is Euro.


  1. Agreement

3.1. Avedus is responsible for the delivery of orders for which the buyer has received a written electronic order confirmation.

3.2 Avedus reserves the right to cancel orders for goods that are not currently in warehouse.

3.3. Avedus provides information on the technical specifications of the product. Avedus do not take responsibility if the information provided does not meet the customer's needs, unless the purchaser first receives the specification from Avedus.

  1. Tariffs, payment terms

4.1. Product prices in Avedus eshop presentent without VAT. VAT is added is added on final invoicing stage.

4.2. The goods are considered the property of Avedus until full payment has been made for the delivered goods.

  1. Supply, delivery

5.1. The goods are supplied from suppliers' warehouses.

5.2. Delivery will be made as soon as possible, taking into account the suppliers' delivery deadlines. Delivery time for physical goods - 4 weeks, licenses - 5 working days.

  1. Complaints, defects

6.1. The warranty is valid only for the new products.

6.2. The buyer must inspect the received goods and notify Avedus in writing within eight days if defects are found. If complaints are not submitted in time, they will not be considered. The term also applies to service complaints.

6.3. Complaints are not valid if the buyer violates the rules of Avedus or its suppliers, or if the buyer or third parties have made changes or otherwise interfered with the design of the product without Avedus knowledge.

6.4. Upon timely receipt of a reasoned complaint to the e-mail address info@avedus.lt, Avedus decides whether to repair or replace the product. If Avedus ensures a timely replacement or repair of the product, the buyer may not cancel the order or claim a refund.

6.5. Products are returned only after Avedus sales has confirmed the return. The return confirmation sets out the products to be returned, their condition and price. The buyer must attach a return invoice to each package returned.

  1. Responsibilities

7.1. Avedus takes responsibility, including errors, omissions, delays, the product itself, and so on only in cases where it is proved that he acted intentionally or negligently. Avedus does not cover direct losses, lost revenue, lost profits, lost data values, etc.

  1. Disputes

8.1. Disputes related to these conditions will be resolved in accordance for by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.